What We Do (and do well)

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

From both sides of the ownership experience, CTL brings a non-biased, consultative approach to reaching your target. Our goal is to earn the relationship with dollars and sense. We do this with:

  • Successful market penetration
  • Experience and knowledge of each aircraft and other comparable aircraft​
  • Timely and effective communication

In addition, using our relationships with other industry vendors, such as maintenance, financing, and tax experts creates a comprehensive process from start to finish. Having CTL navigating the mechanics and the strategic planning associated with this process helps to ensure that your needs are being met both efficiently and honorably.

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Aircraft Leasing

As affordable alternative aircraft ownership, CTL manages/leases a growing fleet of piston and turbine aircraft. These aircraft are available as a supplement to your current aircraft ownership, or as your sole method of private transportation. Lease rates include all normal costs of ownership, such as insurance, scheduled maintenance, hangar, and more. Pilot and fuel/oil expenses are paid separately, and fleet discounts are passed on directly to you.

Each flight that you arrange will depart and arrive with first class facilities and amenities on hand, so that you and your passengers can relax pre and post flight. CTL ensures that your aircraft is “customer ready” before your flight, and makes it “customer ready” again at the completion of your flight.

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Aircraft Management

Owning an aircraft is both exciting and time-consuming. However, keeping the continuously changing facets of ownership organized and efficient is another area in which we excel. Hangar, insurance, recurring subscriptions, maintenance oversight, and pilot recruiting, are some of the areas that we can manage. Having CTL involved and available on a regular basis will often time save you money, and will certainly free up your schedule to focus more on business and pleasure.


For many different reasons, an analysis of your aircraft’s worth is wanted or needed. Upon request, CTL will conduct the research and will provide a comprehensive appraisal of your aircraft’s suggested market value.


General consulting is often a valuable and needed resource for new and existing aircraft owners. We will provide you with unbiased oversight on a pre-purchase inspection, an audit of your flight department, a third-party evaluation of what aircraft fits your current profile, among other expert guidance to help you achieve your target initiatives.


FAA Part 25 (Transport Category) jet aircraft evolve like any other aircraft. Upgrades such as avionics and cabin entertainment installations require certain certification and compliance procedures with FAA oversight/approval. Our on-staff FAA DER (Designated Engineering Representative) allows CTL to provide this option as well.

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