DALLAS DRY LEASE / AIR CONDITIONED FLEET ACCESS!! / FULLY LOADED SR20 G6 FOR DRY LEASE IN DALLAS! / BLOCK TIME AVAILABLE Fly a modern Cirrus SR20 G6, fully equipped and air-conditioned in THE MOST AFFORDABLE FLYING IN CENTRAL TEXAS! Cruise at almost 155 KTAS and approximately 13 GPH. CTL offers you an extremely simple and fully-comprehensive approach to aircraft ownership as a lease partner in a modern, well-maintained aircraft. Maintenance, insurance, subscriptions, FBO services, and more, are all included. This is the only opportunity to have exclusive access to an air-conditioned Cirrus SR20 G6, and a fleet of other affordable aircraft in the Dallas area. Pilots and Flight Instructors available. Inquire for more details. Limited availability!

Aircraft Details

General Information

Aircraft Year: 2020
Manufacturer: CIRRUS
Aircraft Model: SR20-G6
Condition: New
Based: KADS


Total Time:
Airframe Notes: 3,150 Max Takeoff Weight, 56 gal fuel capacity volume, Complete Logs

Engine 1

Engine Make/Model: LYCOMING
Engine Time:
Time Btw. Overhaul:

Engine Notes

Continental IO-390-C3B6 215 Horsepower at 2700 RPM
Prop Notes:


Avionics/ Radios

ADS-B Equipped WAAS LPV SVT Cirrus Perspective+ by Garmin® Cockpit Synthetic Vision Technology Garmin 10" LCD Screens GMA 350c Bluetooth® Audio Panel w/ 3-D audio QWERTY Keyboard Controller Dual WAAS GPS/Comm/Nav Radios Dual ADAHRS Enhanced Garmin GFC700 Autopilot featuring: - Fully Coupled Approaches w/ Vertical Guidance - TOGA w/ Coupled Missed Approach & Holds - Electronic Stability & Protection - Hand-flown Stall Protection though ESP - Hypoxia Check & Automated Descent Mode - Blue Level Button - Autopilot Stall and Over-speed Protection - Flight Director and Flight Path Marker ADS-B Out Transponder ADS-B In Weather and Traffic 406 MHz ELT triggered by CAPS Pull Garmin Flight Stream 510 Cirrus IQ Garmin® FliteCharts®* and SafeTaxi® SiriusXM Weather & Audio

Additional Equipment

AC Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) Airbag Seatbelts (Front Seats) 26G Energy-Absorbing Seating surrounded by a Rigid Roll Cage All LED Exterior Lighting featuring Cirrus SpectraTM wing tip lighting Spin-Resistant "Cuffed" wing Dual Alternators (#1 is 100 amps; #2 is 70 amps) Integrated Electronic Carbon Monoxide Detector Synthetic Vision (SVT) eTAWS SurfaceWatch Back-up "Round" Airspeed Indicator, Artificial Horizon & Altimeter* Lightweight Wheels & Brakes and Tubeless Tires


Year Painted: 2020
Exterior Notes:
Year Interior: 2020
Number of Seats:5
Interior Notes:

Inspection Status

All scheduled maintenance included and current. Airworthy.

Get In Touch

(913) 220-0948

4400 Glenn Curtiss Dr.
Addison, TX 75001